Dancehall Places

So, the Untitled Date Project now has a working title of Dancehall Places. It was the name I had given to a different project I was working on, but that changed and I was able to transfer it over to this project. So far, it works for me and the main crew so maybe it will stick. And in the spirit of that, here’s the first attempt at some promotional material in the form of a one sheet.

George, Meghan and I had our first writing session last night and it was a solid first step in the process. The brainstorming continues and we are reconvening on Tuesday night. In a film where the bulk of the runtime is two characters talking to each other, our biggest challenges are finding things for them to say that are interesting for a third party person to hear and create conflict without making one character significantly more sympathetic than the other. I’m confident we’ll have a working draft by the end of next week.

Meanwhile, Sean and I continue to scout out local bars. We checked out one in downtown tonight based on a recommendation but I’m not sure it’s our place. We also shot a little bit of footage on the Sony 1080i HD camera. We’re trying to figure out whether to shoot the whole film on two Sony cameras or one Panasonic HVX. Some of the stuff we shot tonight could find it’s way into the final film as B roll so perhaps photography has already begun on the film.

Also, Andrew Reed has come on board as the second camera operator, which is a small coup on our part.

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