Pre-production on Dancehall Places rolls on. Last night, Sean, Matt and I watched some test footage shot on the Sony HDV camera and decided that we are going to go with it. There was a bit of a debate going on because we have the opportunity to either shoot with one Panasonic HVX or two Sony HDV’s for the entire shoot. Based on some tests, the quality is slighty better and more “cinematic” on the Panasonic, but not enough to sacrifice the convenience and luxury of shooting two cameras at all times.

Matt and I also went to a bar in Silver Lake that is our current frontrunner and hopefully we can negotiate a decent deal with them this week to let us shoot.

The script continues to plug along as well and we have about 65 pages written, with only a couple major beats missing. My meeting with George and Meg on Tuesday should hopefully fill in those holes and we can start rehearsing.

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  1. Marc says:

    Based on the improvisational aspect of the project, two cameras seems a practical way to go. It will allow you to capture the spontaneity of the performances from both actors at once and actually cut between the two cameras in the editing room. Words of caution: I’d suggest getting the footage into FCP and recompressing it for DVCProHD and not work with it as HDV, as this can lead to all sorts of bugs with FCP and will make the time you spend cutting longer, the time you spend rendering shorter.

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