Draft Dated 5/28

Last night the script was completed. At least in the sense that every scene was written out and you could read the entire movie from beginning to end. 89 pages. Not bad. Scenes will still be reworked and tweaked and who knows what will happen on set, but the grunt work is done. George and I have been banging at this sucker for well over a month and Meg helped get it to where it needed to be. Full read-through happens tomorrow night and we’ll see how she plays. There’s not much time left to rehearse, assuming we begin shooting on June 10. There are many, many things that are causing me to doubt we’ll make that date, but stranger things have happened, right?

Elsewhere, Lydia Hyslop has joined the cast as Cameron and she’s excited to get involved. I wrote the part with her in mind so it should be a piece of cake for her. She joins Josh Locy and Greg Lang as confirmed supporting players with a number of other parts yet to be ironed out. For now, enjoy this picture of Lydia with some Frankenstein-looking dude.

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