The Scene

It was beginning to give me some gray hairs but we finally talked to somebody cool and willing to accomodate our tiny budget and we may have found a bar to shoot in. I may be shooting myself in the foot by writing about it before it’s set in stone, but it’s exciting news and the three readers of this blog deserve to know. We are in talks with The Scene in Glendale to use their space as the primary location of the movie, shooting on June 22 and 23. Tara Everhart made the deal happen and last night she, Sean McElwee and myself went to the bar to make sure it could fit our specifications and we happily stumbled into the joint on free taco night. Great success!

Now, we can move on to bigger and better things with the production and I can concentrate on the rehearsals and casting the rest of the parts. Derick Lee is coming in to read for the role of Dickie this week based on a recommendation from Meg and so hopefully that will work out. I’m also working out scheduling with Chad Richardson and Mike Muldoon to possibly fly out from New York and play the parts of Josh and Scott. Again, hopefully that can work out.

George and Meg met up for line readings last night while this was going on and hopefully something came out of that. The only other thing then is the title. Nobody seems to be digging Dancehall Places so it may have to get the boot. Meg suggested . . . And Company but that is obviously terrible. What about The Scene as the title? Too reflexive? How about just Date? Or This is ‘A’, which references some dialogue from the film. Marc, what do you think?

If you’re interested, check out The Scene’s official site and you can see some photos, etc. The Scene

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2 Responses to The Scene

  1. marc says:

    I like “The Scene” better than Dancehall Places. (I laughed at “And Company” being obviously terrible – let’s hope her improv is better) But I think there’s a better title yet to be had.

    Maybe it should be free taco night in the film (but don’t call it that.)

  2. brendan says:

    Luke and Brie Are On A First Date

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