T-minus 10 Days

After a harrowing four or five days of silence, I finally got back in touch with the people at The Scene and confirmed that we will be shooting there. Some details still have to be ironed out but our first day will be Friday June 22 for sure. We’ll be shooting from 6am to 6pm and we have to shoot 30 pages in those twelve hours. Can’t be done you say? Maybe you’re right. We’ll see.

Now that the dates have been finalized so too can the cast. Keegan DeWitt, Chad Richardson and Mike Muldoon will all be making the trek from New York to play supporting parts and I couldn’t be happier about it. They join Josh Locy, Greg Lang and Lydia Hyslop leaving only one key part left and I may wind up playing it myself.

Matt Boese has generously joined the crew as sound mixer and Anna Wells will be script supervising.  The only thing missing now is a boom operator.  Anybody know a good one?

I’ll be etching out a shooting schedule tonight with Sean and then rehearsing tomorrow with Meg and George. I’ve also just been given permission to use some tracks by the band Seamonster in the film, if I so desire and I’ve been listening to their EP quite a bit lately. Check them out if you get a chance, because they are good.

Seamonster Myspace

P.S. Still looking for a title.

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  1. marc says:

    Good Stuff!

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