Backbend Contest

I’m becoming a regular at The Scene. I went there on Thursday night with Sean McElwee and Andy Reed to go over staging and lighting and discuss all the aspects of the shoot for cinematography. Then I went back again last night with Meg and George to show them where all their scenes will be blocked. All told, it cost $45 in cover charges, but what are you gonna do?

It was fun hanging out with Meg and George and we started by running lines in the car. Then when we got to the bar, we blocked out the scenes and did a practice run of the photo booth pictures they’re gonna take. After that, we played a couple games of pool and then went outside for a smoke, where the evening turned into a yoga contest. Look at the photos below and decide for yourself who has the most elegant backbend (hint: me). Naturally, this led to paddy-cake and then an awkward photo in the car where George is ferociously eyeing my crotch. Enjoy:

I have no doubt that I’ll be friends with George and Meg long after the movie wraps. I do however, have a little bit of doubt that they will know all their lines by the time we shoot. But to be fair, it’s a lot of fucking lines.

Six days to go. . .

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One Response to Backbend Contest

  1. keegan says:

    i will crush anyone in a backbend contest. find me a pool and i can kill at hand stand contests too. suck it!

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