Busy Bees

The shoot is three days away and things are heating up accordingly. It’s going to be an extremely busy week, not least of all because I have a day job that I still need to be going to (actually, I’m there now). Yesterday I went to The Scene with Sean at 4pm to get our first good look at the place when it wasn’t open. Everything seems to be good to go except our contact at the place Deanna, seems to think that shooting out front is a recipe for getting stopped by the cops. We want to shoot outside for about four hours early Sunday morning and I talked to a friend of mine at the permit office and she said that getting a permit would be a waste. Well, a waste for us in the sense that it would be at least $1,000 and that Glendale isn’t very well patrolled so we would have to find a very bored cop to shut us down. We’re better off just going for it and risking it. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do yet.

Then at six, Charlie Dugan came over and I got him up to speed on everything because he has stepped on board as the First Assistant Director. His credits in that capacity include classics like Chase the Clouds and Tower of Hunger among others. Charlie and I are going back to The Scene tonight to block out the shooting schedule.

We’ve started rehearsing every day and we are plowing through the scenes set to shoot on Friday. Tonight, we’ll look at the stuff for Sunday, but it’s going well. Other than that, I’ve been trying to cast the minor parts. I’ve got Sonny Tanco to play the bartender, Steve Basilone to play the disheveled drinker, Theresa I don’t know her last name to play Stacy and I asked Thomas Jane to play the bouncer. Pretty sure that last one isn’t going to happen but it would be pretty amazing if it did.

I’m getting nervous and not sleeping a lot but this whole thing will be over in about ten days. Yikes. Oh, does anybody like the title Now and Later?

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  1. I’d also like to point out my feature A.D. experience on a little film called ‘Confederate Saber’ which you can watch the first three painful minutes of right here:


    I am sorry, you can’t have those three minutes back.


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