15 hours to go

The shoot begins tomorrow morning and the anticipation/anxiety/nerves/excitement is almost overwhelming. Yesterday was a busy day where I met with Julia Rhotan, who has been kind enough to lend her expertise and services as caterer, about food and then I went with Sean McElwee to pick up all the equipment from producer Matt Goldberg. We brought it back to Sean’s house where we set up a little scene to do some lighting and camera tests with Andy Reed, who will be operating the second camera. I had George and Meg come by and we picked out wardrobe and then rehearsed two scenes for the camera. After that Sean and Andy watched the footage while George, Meg and I rehearsed two other scenes in the backyard. We wrapped up the night by watching AFI’s 100 Movies countdown, which I didn’t have much of a problem with. Yeah, some movies on it are overrated and some are way too high/low, etc. but as a list of movies that should be mandatory viewing for everyone, I can’t fault it too much. See everything on it and make your own opinions, because they are mostly very good films.

Today started with a bit of a crunch. Mike Muldoon and Chad Richardson were flying in from New York and Mike’s flights got all messed up or cancelled and so I had to drive down to Santa Ana to pick up Chad before I could come into work. He’s relaxing by the beach as I type this from work, while Mike should be flying into LAX within the next half hour. Also, the mixer that we had set aside to rent this week was all of a sudden missing, but the rental house is giving us a better one for the same price as a consolation so I am all for that. Hopefully these will be the biggest problems of the shoot.

I’m meeting Julia at Smart & Final for some shopping in an hour and then picking up the rest of the equipment from Matt in North Hollywood. Final preparations all have to happen tonight because the shoot is roughly fifteen hours away. This is it. Such a crazy process to make something like this and I really couldn’t do it without the gracious support and help of all my friends. It’s amazing to know people that are good at what they do and kind enough to do it for free when you just give them a date and ask. Before anything is actually committed to tape, I want to make sure I thank those guys for giving me their time.

Here are a couple pictures from last night and the next time I update, we’ll have day one in the can.

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