Day Two

Can I just say that day one already feels like three weeks ago? Four hours before the start of day two, Matt Boese came over to my house to listen to the shitty sound on day one’s footage and make a diagnosis (even though Sean and I had already figured it out). Well, turns out we didn’t have it figured out at all and Matt and I spent an hour troubleshooting with the mixer and microphone to no avail. We eventually enlisted the help of Ricky Hayner and went over to his house where Sean could help out as well. With the clock ticking till we had to shoot again, they tried a couple of things while I drove out to pick up our giant prop pizza.

Thankfully, Hayner knows his shit and we figured out the problem with an hour or two to spare. The only thing was it was almost 2am, which is our call and nobody was able to nap a little before hand like originally planned. So we sucked it up and got to the location for the beginning of our second day. It was gonna be a super tough one as we had about 20 pages to shoot before lunch and a very specific 14 page chunk that could only be shot in a 90 minute window. We started off filming outside with Greg Lang and Josh Locy playing the parts of Tomas and Ray and it was a great start. Maybe it’s because we had already been up for fifteen hours but their improvising was hilarious. We finished that on time and moved out front for the real difficult stuff. We got everything shot but the sun was rising fast and I’m not 100% sold that it will cut together seamlessly, nor am I 100% sure that we nailed the beats of the scene in the two takes we could get, but I’m pretty confident. George and Meg brought their A-game and hopefully it will all cut together nice.

After that we moved inside for more Josh and Greg and threw in Tarah DeSpain and Jayme Rhae for good measure. That scene went well too and it was finally time for lunch, or breakfast. It was 8am and I had now been up for 23 hours straight. Julia Rhotan showed up with some delicious homemade eggs, bacon and fruit but I was almost too tired to eat. Everyone in the crew passed out on couches in the bar with only Charlie Dugan staying up and playing Erotic Photo Hunt.

Luckily, we only had one five-page scene to shoot after lunch but it was a really important one in the script and required shooting in all four directions of the bar. Unfortunately though, we had absolutely zero extras and I’m a little worried about how that’s going to look. Our pace got pretty lathargic and we spent almost four hours doing that scene but we got it and we still wrapped a little early. Hopefully everyone went home and slept and now we have a few days off before we shoot again on Wednesday night.

I scanned through the footage and it looks and sounds good, which is a plus and I’m excited to know that we have more than half of the movie in the can. I gotta thank the crew again for working hard and plowing through the rough day. You guys are really making me feel blessed.

Now stills:

Greg Lang and Josh Locy as Tomas and Ray

Running the scene with the giant pizza

Shooting the scene

Greg makes the mistake of falling asleep

Jayme Rhae and Tarah DeSpain as Brady and Leah

George and Josh

Talking and blocking out the scene with cast and Sean McElwee

Dugan playing Erotic Photo Hunt

Meg passed out at lunch

Sean lights the pool table scene

Running through the pool table scene with George and Meg

Andy Reed

Matt Boese

Blue Steel

Sean takes a breather

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