Day Three

Last night was our third day (night) of principal photography. Hopefully everyone had a good two days off and I was convinced that this would be a pretty easy, seven hour day tops. Famous last words right? It was actually a bit more involved than I thought it was going to be and we also spent the first two hours not doing much at all except waiting for the sun to go down. This is what we get for shooting a film set entirely at night during the longest days of the year. Anyway, we basically had to shoot everything revolving the two characters in cars and then the final scene on the side of the road by Figueroa & Avenue 41. It was pretty ridiculous cramming five people into the car to shoot a couple closeups of people driving, but that’s what had to be done.

Midway through the night, we had to film the big finale of the movie which required George and Meg to make out like bandits. A couple shots of whiskey and mouthwash preceeded the first take and then we wound up filming that scene again and again for about an hour. I wouldn’t be surprised if George and Meg feel like they never want to kiss anyone ever again. But the scene looks great and I think everyone’s excited that we nailed that ending. Sorry if this is spoiling it for you potential viewers.

We wound up wrapping around 4:45am, which was really fucking late but still ahead of schedule. In fact, despite our ridiculous amount of script pages to go through each day, I’m proud to announce that we’ve wrapped early every night so far. The shoot is 60% over and about 75% of the film has been shot so we’re hitting the home stretch. We are throwing a quasi-party tomorrow night to film the majority of our party scenes and then we wrap up production on Saturday night. I’m feeling good.


Anne helps Meg go through the lines while we wait for the sun to go down.

Reed passes the time by exercising his brain.

Sean and Matt get set up for the driving shots.

Meg and George in position and ready to roll.

Tight squeeze.

Amazing promo still. Can you say “poster”?


Dugan passing out sandwiches. Renaissance Man.

Sean, George and Matt during lunch.

George and Meg in action.

Me shooting Sean an incredulous look.

Sean and George during our scene on the street.

Nate Brown showed up at 330am to help out because he was bored.

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