Day Four

It’s four a.m. and we are now 80% done with our shoot. We once again wrapped early tonight thanks almost exclusively to the amazing Assistant Director Charlie Dugan. The day kicked off with Keegan DeWitt blowing into town from New York in order to play the role of Dickie and he, Sean and I proceeded to bro it up all morning/early afternoon with Starbucks and a Fifa ’06 tournament. By the time four o’clock rolled around we got to business and started pre-rigging Sean’s house. Theoretically there was going to be a bunch of people showing up later for a quasi-party and we wanted to be able to light as much as possible before hand so that we could more or less float around with the camera capturing party moments as and where they happened.

Dugan picked up the keg and Brian helped get that situated for us and so everything was set to go. The crew showed up at 7 and Lydia Hyslop was supposed to show up at 8 to be in the first scene. 8 turned into 845 and she hadn’t shown up or answered her phone so I was getting a little freaked out. Just as we began setting up something else instead she called and said she had fallen asleep by accident and just woken up. Not a totally awesome thing to do, but not the end of the world either and thirty minutes later she was on set and we were filming. Brian Johnson may have the most hilarious cameo of all time or the most annoying, I’m not quite sure yet. Or maybe it’s both.

Much to my surprise, people actually did start showing up and we quickly started shooting the wide party shots before people realized it was a lame quasi-party and left. We got a lot of good footage I think and then finally got around to shooting Keegan’s scenes with George and Meg. Everything went really well and we had an awesome pot roast dinner cooked by Julia Rhotan for our troubles. After dinner we had the option of trying to shoot the hardest scene in the movie or leave it for tomorrow like it was originally scheduled. After a little quick runthrough I decided to leave it for tomorrow and film a little other scene instead. We popped that off and called it a night at 3:15am. Another fine job was done by everyone, especially Anne Walls, who is quickly becoming the most unsung hero of the set. One more day to go.


Watching dailies at Sean’s before the shoot.

George and Meg running lines before we shoot with Anne.

Sean and Charlie pass the time waiting for Lydia by playing Radiohead songs together on piano and guitar. G-A-Y.

George and Keegan running lines.

George and Brian before their scene.

Me talking with Lydia Hyslop before her scene. She plays Cameron.

Anne ready for action.


Me stepping in for Reed to shoot ‘B’ camera on a quick scene.

Some of our fine friends and neighbors that showed up to be extras.

Martha and Sara Stephens. Not related.

Me briefing Anne on the next shot.

Sean cinematographering.

Keegan almost passed out while we were shooting this and may have come down with pink eye at some point.

You can’t see it here, but there was a giant mosquito flying towards George.

Matt fucking booming and shit.

Meg and Keegan filming a scene.

Meg and George waiting for their close-ups.

Sean and Nate dilly-dallying.

More or less what our shot looked like.

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