Day Five. That’s a Wrap People.

This movie is in the can. Our last night was again at Sean’s house and we only really had to cover the entrance and exit to the party and then a huge, mammoth important dialogue scene in the backyard. Again, I underestimated this and we spent the first four hours on the entrance and exits. Long story short, we had to come up with a cool shot without being able to light the entire street. In the end, I think we got a good one and could finally break for lunch. It was at this point that I realized how glad I was that we shot things in the order that we did. We shot way more pages last weekend and did it much faster, but this weekend we had more complicated shots and more mini-location changes. The order we shot in was luckily condusive to growing fatigue. Julia made a bomb-ass Chicken Chili dish and we wound up watching about 40 minutes of Executive Decision during lunch. That movie is pretty amazingly bad, but also quite entertaining at 1am with six other film nerds watching it with you.

We got back in and got to work on this mammoth scene. It’s more or less the most difficult scene for the actors in terms of emotional weight and I’m happy it wound up being the last thing we shot. We did it for about three hours and then finally called wrap at 3:45am. Another early night (thanks Dugan) and we immediately started drinking beer and whiskey. We did a quick clean of the house and then stayed up talking till around 6am, at which point I had to go to work. I could slowly feel my eyes oozing out of my skull at work this morning and what’s worse was I had to go to a soccer game at 2pm. I joined a co-ed recreational league and it was our very first game so I had to be there. I got a quick three hour nap in before taking off and the game was in Duarte, which happens to be in the middle of the desert, or the worst possible place to play a soccer game in the afternoon. I’m absolutely wrecked and going to bed now but post-production will start tomorrow. Boom!

A little pre-crew football toss.

This picture was posed.

Ricky Hayner and Lydia Hyslop acting in their scene.

Producer Matt Goldberg swings by the set for the first time seven hours before we wrap. And he brought his badass camera.

We know Matt. We know.

After calling wrap, George and I share the gayest hug ever.

What a couple of movie stars.

Sorry Reed. Shows over. Go home.

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