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So, I am totally guilty of letting this blog sort of sag after we wrapped production last week. The reason is mainly that I wanted to forget everything about the movie for a while and just enjoy having free time again. Plus Keegan was still in town visiting and the fourth of July was happening and then I was gonna be in New York for a few days visiting Tara for her birthday. Well, now I’m back in Los Angeles and back in the groove and am back to posting on the blog.

First off, the movie. I’m finally ready to start thinking about it again and it was really nice to be in New York with Marc Ripper and Aaron Katz the past few days. Talking to them about it and swapping stories with other people from our class like Karrie Crouse made me excited to get back and put something together so they can all see it. Hopefully Charlie has been busy digitizing and taking some initial shots at some scenes so that I’ll have something to look at this week.

It was also really nice having Keegan DeWitt in town the past two weeks. He’s tossing the idea of moving to L.A. again around and I think he should just bite the bullet and do it. We got beaches here Keegan and the temperature doesn’t make you want to slice off your own skin in an attempt to stay cool. Hanging out with him and Sean McElwee was a nice slice of nostalgia and it’s always a fun group to be with, whether it’s playing lots of Fifa ’06 on Playstation 2, driving up to Gangster Point, playing Kings or just hanging out in Tarah’s room talking. And we even shot a music video for his new song “Telephone” while he was here, although I use the term “we” loosely. Sean and Keegan did most of the work because I was a little too burned out from the Luke and Brie shoot to contemplate another 4am night holding a camera.

Somehow, I managed to get the fourth King in both games of Kings.

Stephanie Varela and Rich Robinson came out for the shenanigans.

Keegan on the set of the “Telephone” video. Jumping was not part of the video.

Sean, painting with light.

Fourth of July was fun. We went to the beach in Marina del Ray for the afternoon and even though it was a pain in the ass to park and a cloudy day, it wasn’t all bad. We kicked the soccer ball around a bit but didn’t stay long because we had to get to another party in Malibu for the fireworks. It was some ridiculous party thrown by a member of the band Cobra Starship, which I had never heard of but now I know they wrote a song for the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. It was a hip/celebrity crowd there and I felt like we stuck out a bit but the house was literally on the water and the fireworks were happening right above our heads while we stood in the waves. Pretty incredible.

Keegan and I kicking the ball around in Marina del Ray.

Sean and his girlfriend Tarah DeSpain.

The ridiculous beachside house in Malibu.

Alexis Madden, me and Keegan.

Swimming under the fireworks.

I spent the last five days in New York because it was Tara’s birthday. I flew in on a red eye and was pretty useless when I got there so I spent the first few hours of her birthday napping but then we went out and got some dinner before seeing “Romeo and Juliet” at Shakespeare in the Park. Overall, it was not bad but I think I’m over ever seeing the play again. It’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Tragic. I get it. As I said, I got to spend some time with Aaron Katz and Marc Ripper and get an introduction to the game Blokus, which has apparently taken the film festival circuit by storm. I’m not very good at this game. We also managed to sneak in a screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I’ll probably review tomorrow. New York is not my favorite place in the world but the people there are by far, the greatest aspect. I am really lucky to have the friends I have there and I wish I got to see them more, but I’m actually amazed I got to see them at all on such a short trip. Namely Chris Wells, Chad Richardson, Mike Muldoon, Mara Neering, James Bruffee, Zoe White, Karrie Crouse and Andre Harris are all people I think should move to L.A. just so we can hang out all the time.

Aaron “Moustache” Katz working at IFC Center.

The beautiful and amazing Tara Everhart at dinner.

Now it’s back to Reel Source and heading into post-production on Luke and Brie full force. Stay tuned for updates.

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One Response to Back to Life

  1. keegan says:

    it’s not called gangster point. who are you… daryl?! don’t be so fucking cynical. it’s called Makeout Mountain. Put go there when they are in love, not when they want to toss dice.

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