Footballers United

My soccer team had our third game on Sunday and we posted our third straight loss. The good news is that with each game we play we’ve managed to score one goal more than the last. The bad news is we’ve also let in one goal more each game and our results so far look like this; 0-2, 1-3, 2-4. I was so out of practice and shape that I only played about 20 minutes of our first game and missed our second one entirely because I was in New York so I was anxious to prove my mettle this time around. I probably played about 45 minutes of the game and was marginally better. I played some decent balls and had some good runs on the wings but when I played in defense I was utterly useless and my overall effect on the game is still pretty inconsequential. But an improvement is an improvement and by the end of the season I’ll hopefully be able to play the full 90 and put in some game-altering performances. First I have to deal with two blood blisters on my feet, a bruised kneecap and sore joints all around.

Trey Latimer, the guy who got me in on the team and some of our other players before the match.

Last night, Sean and I went to a test screening of The Pineapple Express and I won’t bother with a review since it’s clearly a work-in-progress, but it was a good time. Then I stopped by the Shortstop where Nate Brown, Chris Jones, Ricky Hayner and Charlie Dugan were hanging out with Zoe White. Zoe is breezing through town on her way home to Sydney from New York, where she was shooting a short for Karrie Crouse. Look for The Little Kite at festivals worldwide soon. I ran into Alex Arciniega there who I haven’t seen nearly enough since The Tripper Tour finished and George stopped by for a drink as well. Mainly I talked to Charlie about how the cut is going, and he says it’s going well. He’s got two weeks to produce a full rough cut for me to watch and then I’ll be ready to come in and whip it into shape.

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