I thought I should take a minute to mention this web series that has been all over the place lately. My friend and classmate from school Kern Saxton co-created what’s billed as a spoof of “Entourage” set in the porn industry and he also directed the first two episodes. Within a few days of being put up on the internet, the pilot became iFilm’s most viewed comedy and demand for further episodes were immediate. They’ve been hard at work meeting the demand and episode 2 and 3 have just been finished and uploaded. You can take a look at one below. Now, I can admit that I don’t get most of the jokes (I’ve never seen “Entourage”) and the show’s just not my cup of tea but Kern is a friend and I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you decide for yourself.  Enjoy!


Porntourage – Episode 3

Posted Jul 15, 2007

Esikmo porn, performance trouble and helping a friend win back his pornstar girlfriend… it’s the life of a porno star.

You can check out all things porntourage at their official site.

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One Response to Porntourage

  1. Kern says:

    Um…. thanks…?

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