Los Angeles

Yesterday, after my team’s humiliating defeat in soccer, I met up with Sean to shoot some B-roll for Luke and Brie. The idea is that periodically through the film while the date is going on, we’ll cut away to various happenings or non-happenings in the city as a way to sort of skip ahead in time and have some interludes between moments in the evening. We started up in Griffith Park and then went to Downtown and Santa Monica before driving all the way down Mulholland Drive at night. I think we got some good stuff, but mainly it just reminded me of how beautiful this city is. Especially since I was in Duarte for the game earlier and that is smack dab in the middle of the desert, it’s amazing to see such difference in topography in such a concentrated area. I literally saw deserts, beaches and mountains on half a gas tank. I feel really lucky to be able to live here and pursue my dreams because it’s not easy and it’s not cheap. But it’s home.

These were not taken yesterday.

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