Yesterday was a busy and nice day. Aside from my regular work at Reel Source and Exhibitor Relations, which has seen me quoted by CNN Money, IMdB, The New York Sun and TMZ in the last week, I went to West Hollywood to audition for a pilot. I didn’t know much about it, only that I had been forwarded an e-mail about the casting call and they were looking for a 19-23 year old male who can be charming and witty and knows a lot about movies. Check, Check and check. Except I’m 24. It also said it was for a web series, which immediately made me think it was no big deal and probably some start-up jerks with no talent. But I showed up and realized quickly that the production company behind it was Anonymous Content (a big deal) and that everyone else there had sweet headshots and were members of SAG. Whoops. I did the audition anyway, which consisted of talking to a camera and giving it a 2 minute review of whatever you had seen last. I reviewed F for Fake, which is honestly what I saw last and the people in the room were visibly relieved. Apparently they had already seen a barage of Transformers reviews and thought my Orson Welles impressions were refreshing. Whether that translates to a callback or not remains to be seen. But it was fun to audition and a reminder that I still want acting to play a part in my life.

I was also happy to learn that my script “Hampton Roads” had been named a quarter-finalist for Scriptapalooza, which is a terribly named contest that rewards winners with cash and hookups with agencies and production companies. Before you get too excited though, know that there are 311 quarter-finalists. Still, that was widdled down from around 4,000 and I’ll take it for now. Semi-finalists will be revealed next week so cross your fingers for what I hope to be my next film.

Finally, Charlie and I sat down together for the first time in front of his computer to tackle the rough cut of Luke and Brie. We got through the first fifteen minutes before I had to call it a night but it was productive and efficient. I’ll be back again tonight and hopefully this cut will be done within a week or so and we can start getting feedback from friends and colleagues. That, and the wrap party is Friday night so there’s still plenty to be excited about on that front.

Dugan in action.

All in all, I was just really happy that one day consisted of productivity in acting, writing and directing seperately. Those are all things that I want to pursue and to tackle and even though I haven’t got the part in the pilot or won the script contest or am even sure if Luke and Brie is gonna be good, I felt really good to have stepped up to bat in all three areas. And the icing on the cake was watching the Galaxy beat FC Dallas 6-5 in a dynamite Superliga game. I mean, 6-5. Incredible.

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  1. Dugan says:

    wow, ok, well now I know why there’s no ‘action’ shots of editors working. Looks pretty boring.

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