Wrap Party

It may be a month overdue, but due to conflicting schedules we finally had the wrap party for the movie last night. Coincidentally, Charlie and I finished our rough cut an hour before and so we were ready to party. Everybody made it out except for Matt, our sound mixer, probably because he lives in Orange County and we missed him. Otherwise, it was a nice reunion with Sean and Matt Goldberg both recently returned from out of town. We went bowling at Shatto Lanes in Korea Town and I believe Sean and John Singleton walked away with the highest scores.

After that, the party moved to the Drawing Room, minus a few lame-o’s who had to work the following morning and at some point the party moved to the parking lot of Ye Rustic Inn and inevitably ended in backbends. The Luke and Brie experience comes full circle people.

McElwee got some super emo glasses and a haircut while he was away.

George, Josh and Devon all showed up wearing matching gay cowboy shirts.

Matt Goldberg only knows one pose: producer.

George is a terrible bowler.

Who knows what Josh is talking about? Not me.

Amateur hour.

Texting party.

John and Anne totally met and fell in love on our set. They’re like soul mates now.

But that doesn’t mean Anne and Meg can’t still do it.

This is where it starts to go haywire.

It’s Lydia’s birthday everybody!

Reed is protecting himself from a barrage of wet willies that somehow invaded the evening.

No wet willies please.

Lydia’s sister Dorian does not look amused.

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