Casio Beats

Last night was kind of amazing. A friend from college, Morgan Jenkins, was throwing a house party out in Sun Valley and so a big group of people met up at Sean and Ricky’s place to have a few beers beforehand and work out the driving arrangements. I got to catch up with Kyle Jewell there, who I hadn’t seen in months and it was great to talk to him again. If you’re looking for a dope First Assistant Camera or Cinematographer and you’re working union shit, then give Kyle a call. When we all did leave Sean’s house, I actually went somewhere else first. It was Greg Lang’s birthday and he was having a get together at a place called Rosen Music Studio in Koreatown. It was one of those Korean karaoke places with individual rooms and when I got there, the birthday room was already off hinges. It wasn’t long before I was joining in singing “Say it Ain’t So” at the top of my lungs and making a complete ass of myself.

From there, George, Josh and I decided against making the trip all the way out to Sun Valley and just went to the Little Joy instead. I bet them each $10 that they wouldn’t be able to leave the bar with a girl they didn’t know beforehand. To my surprise, they both took the bet with gusto and immediately started talking to girls. I don’t know what parallel universe those guys are from but that’s pretty amazing to me. And it actually resulted in us all going to a party at a rapper’s house with two separate groups of girls that we didn’t know beforehand. This rapper’s party was at one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen in Echo Park and there was a DJ set up, spinning beats while other kids took turn freestyling over them. It was maybe the coolest party environment I’ve ever been to. I couldn’t stay too long though because it was already almost 3am and I had to get up for work at 6am. Which I did. And I’m at work now and it is grim.

There were a lot of amazing photos taken on Victoria’s camera and hopefully I can snag a couple of them to post soon.

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