Good news for anyone who likes good music. Virginia Beach native and independent songsmith Seamonster has just unveiled that his new LP The Ascension of Archibald Balloonhead is on sale now! This is the follow up to the White Whale EP which has gotten some major playtime on my ipod over the past few months and I personally can’t wait for my copy of the LP to arrive. Basically, if you like Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo or good music in general, you should check him out.

We are lucky enough to have a couple of his songs in Luke and Brie Are on a First Date and “Callie’s Dance” is even used in our teaser. Don’t trust my taste? Let Racket Magazine convince you then-

“Taking a surreal adventure through aqueous sounds and tripped out vocals, White Whale is what to listen to while you’re either getting high in the bathtub or moping about some girl who has no idea you exist. Advancing across the soundscape, the tunes make you look inwards to help give them meaning. Seamonster is a solid bet for those who are connoisseurs of music you won’t hear on the radio.”

Here’s where you can sample and then buy.

Official Site

Myspace Page

Be sure to take note of his absolutely ludicrous touring schedule on the official site, which has him playing almost literally every night for two months straight, as there’s a good chance Seamonster will be hitting your town soon.

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3 Responses to Seamonster

  1. marc says:

    let me guess. He’s a big fan of Neutral Milk Hotel?

  2. marc says:

    kind of looks like you mid-college on that myspace blurry pic – remember, when you died parts of your hair blonde, like an idiot?

  3. Dugan says:

    you put blonde streaks in your hair?


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