We’re still chugging along with the post-production of Luke and Brie and we’re really trying to get it in shape to submit to Sundance. The idea of having a finished version to send by their late deadline of September 28 is pretty much a pipe dream, but if we can get it as close as possible, that would be good. I think people just submit to Sundance first as a way of getting that first rejection out of the way, quick and easy. Nobody ever gets in to Sundance and quite frankly, with the barrage of shit they’re making their names with these days, would you even want to? Yes. We do.

Charlie and I just finished the third cut, which had the benefit of some notes from my closest friends and this version will get sent around to even more people. I actually think we are not too far from a picture lock but maybe that’s naive. Sound is what’s gonna kick our ass.

Not sure what else to tell you. We’ve got a really great collection of music popping up in this sucker and maybe we’ll have an official soundtrack to download or something when it’s all said and done. In the meantime, check out the following bands who have lent us their hits.

Keegan DeWitt


Rand and Holland

Ola Podrida

Brother Reade


Some of them are not 100% and I might be jinxing it, but they’re worth checking out whether we wind up getting them or not.

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One Response to Cuts

  1. soundwriter says:

    Hi Chad. I just wanted to network. I love writing my blogs, but I realized I was going no where by not reading others. SO, here I am. However, coming up to yours I realized we have a parallel interest. Production!

    Here is the point of much of this – here is my newest addition to my blog family:
    In addition, I want to network, share links, even talk shop! One thing my coworker and I have extreme strengths in audio, music, and sound. So, bringing that into making videos we had a leg up.

    Our web work is at:

    My email:

    I will explore your blog more, but to share, my favorite of your music selection are Seamonster.

    Talk soon!

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