Two things you need to know about tomorrow (Tuesday).

1. LOL comes out on DVD. It’s the inaugural release from Benten Films, which is a company started by film bloggers and lovers determined to get the very best undistributed independent cinema out to regular schmoes like you. I’d say support their cause even if LOL wasn’t a good movie, but the fact is not only is it good, it’s great. The best movie I saw at SXSW ’06 gets a deluxe treatment with commentaries, interviews, bonus footage etc. Check it out on netflix if you don’t believe me, but then buy the DVD when you realize it’s great. Seriously. I already pre-ordered mine.

Buy It
Official Site
Benten Films

Secondly, another really great movie that my best friend Aaron Katz made will be screening tomorrow night at the IFC Center in Manhattan, New York for anybody that lives in that area. It’s playing at 12:20pm and 9:55pm, but the second show is the one to check out because Katz, producers Brendan McFadden and Marc Ripper, myself and who knows who else from the cast and crew will be present to answer your questions. But just so you know, it cost $3,000 and was not completely improvised so now those two are out. Bring some better questions people. It’s a great movie, I’m great in it and I’ll be pining over my lost youth since it was shot three years ago and I look ten years younger.

Buy Tickets
Official Site

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2 Responses to Tuesday

  1. Aaron Hillis says:

    Thanks so much for spreading da word, Mr. Hartigan. Team Benten greatly appreciates it, and I’m sure Joe does, too. We’ll also be sure to let you know more info when we release both DANCE PARTY, USA and QUIET CITY in early 2008.

    One minor correction to yr post: Andrew and I are definitely film bloggers who love film, but the two of us are most certainly not lovers. What would our wives think?

  2. Michael says:

    LOL looks interesting… never trust those webcam girls though. They’re just in it for the money… much as guys are in it for the boobies. Balance? Perhaps. Sanity? No.

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