Questions and Answers

I’m back in Los Angeles after a really amazing (but short) trip to New York and I finally have a chance to sit down and write about what happened. Basically, I arrived on Tuesday in time to get to the IFC Center and sit down to watch the 9:55pm showing of Dance Party USA. I hadn’t seen the movie in a while and I have to say that it played a little worse for me this time than it has before. I still think it’s a great film but I found my attention wandering a bit during the middle. My old high school buddy Kyle Kidwell came out to see it and to see me and it was cool catching up with him and unless he was lying to me, he liked the movie as well. Afterwards, I went up with some other cast and crew members to do the Q&A for about 20 or 25 audience members and it was actually not that bad. I answered one question, which was nice because otherwise I would have just been standing there like a tool for the whole time instead of about 90% of it. Here are some pictures.

Producer/Actor Brendan McFadden and Writer/Director Aaron Katz

Me, Actor Cole Pensinger, Composer Keegan DeWitt, Producer Marc Ripper, Actor Ryan White, Brendan and Aaron

All in all I would say it was a great night except that while I was up doing the Q&A and Marc’s girlfriend Justine was taking these pictures, I left my camera bag over by my seat and forgot about it until about 10 minutes after we left the theater. When I went back, it was gone and the shady cleaning guy swore he never saw a thing. But the worst part is that my iPod was in the bag and now it’s gone forever! I’m absolutely crippled without it and it was a crushing blow to an otherwise good evening. Fuck you whoever has my iPod out there and I hope you like droney ambient rock you douchebag.

Then on Wednesday night it was the big Quiet City premiere, which I attended with Tara and it was my first time seeing the movie on the big screen. Let me tell you, if you get a chance to see it in the theater, do so, because it’s really beautiful projected and seeing it with an audience really enhances the mood. I thought it played really well to a receptive crowd and then I snapped a couple pictures of the team doing their Q&A (which wasn’t as good as the Dance Party USA one).

Writer/Director/Editor Aaron Katz, Producer Brendan McFadden, Producer Ben Stambler, Actress Erin Fisher, Actor Cris Lankenau, Composer Keegan DeWitt and Cinematographer Andy Reed

After that it was time to head over to the Maritime Hotel for the afterparty. Even if there wasn’t free booze, which there was, it would have been a great time because there were so many people I hadn’t seen in a while there. Friends I made when I lived in Brooklyn, college buddies and even a couple from high school came out so it was kind of overwhelming. And it was all in celebration of Aaron and his success, which made it all that much better.

Actress Erin Fisher

Joseph Childers and Will Joines

Poykpac member Maggie Ross

Aaron, Brendan, me and Marc. My best friends and partners in 600 West Productions

Composer Keegan DeWitt

Cinematographer Andy Reed

Actor/Director Joe Swanberg

Man of the Hour

Chris Wells and Ry Russo-Young

Actor Jesse Patch and Erin

To top it off, the movie got a rave in the New York Times and the favorable press has been coming fast and furious. It really is an exciting time for those guys and for independent cinema. Friday night was spent celebrating mine and Joe Swanberg’s birthday but I’ll blog about that as soon as I can find a cable and a charger to get the pictures of my camera. Thanks again, camera bag stealing douchebag!

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