Ola Podrida

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, mainly because I’ve been caught up in getting Tara all moved in and settled back in L.A. That, and I still haven’t replaced the charger and cables for my camera so pictures are non-existant at the moment. But I wanted to take a minute to mention Ola Podrida and two videos you should check out.

Ola Podrida is a band led by composer David Wingo (All the Real Girls), that specializes in “folky, quiet guitars and thoughtful lyrics that coalesce into complete songs”. So says Pitchfork anyway (8.0 bitches!). Their self-titled album was released earlier this year on Plug Research records and is available all over the place so why not give it a listen and buy it. It’s gotten a lot of attention on my iPod and we are in the process of trying to land a song in Luke and Brie as we speak. I met Wingo for maybe a minute in New York because he’s friends with all my friends and if I still lived there I would be excited to check out his shows and maybe get to know him a little better. As it is, I’m waiting on that West Coast tour to materialize.

But anyway, my buddy Joe Swanberg directed a video for their song “Run Off the Road” recently in New York starring Erin Fisher of Quiet City fame and Kentucker Audley of Team Picture fame. It’s posted for viewing on his official site and you can check it out by clicking the link below.

Run Off the Road

Also Michael Tully, who I don’t think I’ve actually met although we’ve been in the same places hanging out with mutual friends at the same time, directed a video for their song “Photo Booth”. You can check that out below and hopefully this will all whet your appetite into buying the album.

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