it was my birthday three weeks ago and i was just now finally able to download the pictures i took that night onto my computer. why the gap you ask? because some douchebag stole my camera bag from under my nose at the ifc center theater in manhattan and i had to borrow a charger and cable from meg in order to make it happen. this grade-a douchebag also walked away with my ipod which was snuggled into the front pocket of the case and he’s probably on the g-train right now listening to some keegan dewitt demos from 2001.

in any case, getting a look at the pictures was a nice reminder of what a good time that night was and how many cool people showed up to have a drink. it was a joint celebration for myself and joe swanberg, who’s also an august 31 baby and so there were people from all over playing shuffleboard, ping pong, scrabble and all the other games on offer at fat cat. i was almost exclusively at the ping pong table where i was experiencing an uncharacteristic run of form that resulted in utter domination of the table and 15 straight games undefeated. don’t mess with me.

it really was a great night for me and i hope to see all you new yorkers again soon. until then, here are some pictures.

Musician/Mediocre Ping Pong player John Gaviglio

Andy Reed and Kyle Kidwell (good catching up Kyle)

22% of our directing class- Karrie Crouse and Brendan McFadden

Hipster Olympian Jonny Gillette

Oldest guy in the bar Joseph Childers and girlfriend Sara

Kieran Mulcare, who celebrated his own birthday two days later

Worthy competitor but loser just the same, Marc Ripper

Unamused spectator Mara Neering

We’re in love people

Shuffleboard Shark Erin Fisher

Alex Bickel. Surprisingly not the worst photo he’s ever taken

Chris Wells and Brendan McFadden wearing silly hats

Katie Abel and Maggie Ross brought their own games

Aaron Katz is sexy and successful ladies

Just some sluts

The Birthday Party

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