Oh Am I Dreaming?

I was able to download a bunch of photos off my camera again so it’s time to update the blog. The last week has been a little busy and it all started last saturday with a going away party for Josh Locy. Josh has decided to spend two months in Europe hanging out and meeting chicks before finally settling in Macedonia for a spell. I wish him the best of luck and am totally jealous of him but we had to see him off nonetheless. The party was cool and given Josh’s newfound stature in Hollywood, there were some celebs in attendance. Mostly though, it was a chance to hang out with the Luke and Brie crowd again as George, Josh, Greg, Anne, Sean and Charlie all showed up. The night began with a 40 oz. of Bud and so it naturally ended with a hot dog wrapped in bacon because all good nights in L.A. do. Some pics-

Man of the hour

Josh’s roommate Devon

Sean “Gay” McElwee

George “Phillip Seymour Hoffman” Ducker

I don’t know who this girl is but I did take a photo of her

John “I didn’t direct Boyz n the Hood” Singleton and Charlie “I love the 90’s” Dugan

Yeah buddy

You telling me that doesn’t look delicious? Then on Tuesday night, Tara and I went to the Echo to check out my friend Seamonster perform. I use the term “friend” loosely because I actually hadn’t met him before that night although we had communicated online quite a bit. He originally met my little brother in Virginia and was over at my house one night watching my appearance on “Ultimate Film Fanatic”, which inspired him to draw this cartoon. . .

Brent sent me the cartoon and I got in touch with Todd, who has a lot of cool stuff on his website www.toddbot.com by the way. Then when Luke and Brie got into post I took a listen to his music and was blown away. I’ve already trumped it on the blog so I’ll spare you that again, but needless to say, he’s just as good in concert. As was his touring partner Captain Number 1. Check them out if they make it to your town, which all depends on whether or not they make enough money at each show to pay for their gas. After the show they crashed at our apartment and Tara and I had the pleasure of introducing them to Burrito King.

Seamonster with a little help from headliners The 1921a (also worth checking out)

Seamonster and the Captain

Safe travels for the rest of the tour guys! Then on Wednesday night, Tara and I saw Band of Horses play at Amoeba, which was great and I highly recommend their new album if you haven’t checked it out.

Finally, my great friend and former roommate Marc Ripper breezed through town for the weekend and stayed at my place. His last visit to L.A. was around two years ago and contained some of the best times of that year so it was always gonna be tough to top. We didn’t really try and just kept it low key, seeing Michael Clayton at the Grove on Friday night and grabbing some drinks at the Little Joy on Saturday. On Sunday we did find a little mini-carnival put on by a Roman Catholic Church and we bought tickets to go on the Super Slide, which was amazing. Marc has pictures of that but I don’t. He’s back in New York now and I’m sure I’ll see him again soon.

The madness continues as my friend John Gaviglio gets in to town today to play a show at the Echo tomorrow night and Amoeba on Wednesday so I’m sure I’ll be hanging out with him.  <i>Luke and Brie</i> sound progress is slow but hopefully there will be some news and some breakthroughs in the next few days.  That’s it. 

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