Matthew Dear’s Big Hands

Last night Tara and I went to the Echo again to see Matthew Dear’s Big Hands play. Not because we’re big fans of his music or his new album Asa Breed pictured here, but because our friend John Gaviglio is one of the “Big Hands”. He plays bass and acoustic guitar on the tour so that was good enough for us. Some of you may know John’s previous band Bear vs. Shark, who put out two really good post-hardcore albums before breaking up last year. We’re lucky enough to have two of their tracks in Luke and Brie and John was actually supposed to be in the movie but had to back out to go on this tour and I wound up playing his part instead.

In any case, I hung out with John on Monday night, which was great because I hadn’t seen him since April and he’s one of the few friends I made during my brief stint in New York. The show last night was pretty good. I liked the music well enough and found myself discreetly busting a move to the sweet techno beats. I’ve never seen hipsters dance at a concert before so that in itself is an achievement. However, the guys seemed to be having some issues with the sound dude and they had some unfriendly banter back and forth until things finally seemed to sound right about six songs in. Needless to say, Matthew Dear was kind of pissed but he was also kind of a dick about it. Then the show ended after about 45 minutes and some of the stuff I’ve been reading on blogs hasn’t been too kind. But talking to John afterwards, I know that they actually wanted to play more and were intending too but the DJ just started spinning his tunes and the lights came up so that was the end of the show. Don’t hate, Los Angeles.

They’re playing later today at Amoeba Records and hopefully that’ll go a little smoother. Check them out if you read this in time, live in Los Angeles and have nothing else to do. Here’s a picture that I didn’t take and that’s John on the left. Also, check out their song “Deserter”, which was definitely the highlight for me.

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