The Tripper DVD Out Now!

David Arquette’s directorial debut, “The Tripper” hits DVD shelves today and I encourage everyone to go out and pick up a copy. Not that it’s the new “Citizen Kane” or anything, it’s a slasher film and it is what it is, but buried in the special features section you will find a short bit called “Footage From the Tripper Presidential Campaign Tour” and that’s where the real hot shit is. I spent a solid month on the road with David and a few other people trying to get the word out for the theatrical release of the film this Spring and it was my job to film everything that was happening and upload a little webisode to the film’s myspace page every day. Now they’ve taken the footage and turned it into just one short, cohesive piece that I have yet to see but more or less amounts to my first paid directing gig. Pick up a copy or put it in your Netflix queue and it would mean a lot to me and to David too (the movie did pretty awfully in the theaters).

Also, if you live in Los Angeles and are reading this today, you can meet David at the Virgin Megastore on Hollywood and Highland where he’ll be signing copies starting at 7pm. Maybe I’ll see you there. In any case, happy halloween and check out two of my favorite entries in The Tripper Tour diaries below.

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