Quick note to all my readers in Slovenia. That’s a joke by the way. Anyway, I just talked to Aaron Katz on the phone and he is gearing up for a trip to the European nation for the 18th Ljubljana International Film Festival where he’ll be representing Dance Party USA. Astute readers of the blog here will remember that I have a role in that film and think it’s an excellent example of truly independent American cinema. The Slovenians agree and it’ll be playing there on November 8, 16 and 18. Make sure you get those tickets in advance because word is already spreading on the streets of Maribor.

Click here for more info

Seriously, this is pretty exciting and I wish I could go and see myself covered in Slovene subtitles and the reactions of the foreign crowd. Congratulations to Aaron and the continued success of this little movie.

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One Response to Ljublijana

  1. marc says:

    Voting Code, K, for Katz? Killer? Krap?

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