Tara and I went to see this new play on Saturday night with our friend Monty and I thought I’d give a quick note about it. First of all, it was written and directed by my friend Leslye Headland and it was also the second time I’ve seen the production. The first was almost two years ago when it ran very briefly in North Hollywood and featured the same cast except for the main male role. Now the play has been edited down abit by Leslye and the new person she cast in that role, Graham Sibley, is a genius.

I really do recommend checking this thing out even though I know I wouldn’t go see a play that was put up by a friend of a friend. After all, they are almost always awful. Believe me, I know. But this one is good and it’s hard as fuck to get anyone to go see anything so just do it. These actors deserve it. Here’s the info-

The Working Stage Theater
1516 N. Gardner Street
Los Angeles Ca 90048

October 26th – November 11th
November 30th – December 8th
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays @ 8pm

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