If anybody cares to know what I think about the current state of box office affairs you need look no further than Forbes magazine or the Los Angeles Times. I was recently interviewed by both and featured in some articles I’ll link to at the bottom. I actually got in trouble for one interview I did a couple weeks ago with CNN Money. I said something about Lions for Lambs and how if it tanked, Tom Cruise was gonna take a lot of the heat. The next morning I got a call from the President of marketing for United Artists (who was in Berlin promoting it!). He had taken offense to the article and how the writer coupled my quote with his own conclusion that a bomb would justify Sumner Redstone’s firing of Cruise. Nothing to do with me.

Which just reminded me how dumb these things are. Reporters call me and we talk for five to ten minutes about a certain aspect of the box office. They don’t record the conversation, they just jot down some notes and then I’ll see the article and they’ll use one minor quote that’s paraphrased and makes me sound like Captain Obvious. I remember doing a post-Oscars interview with Bloomberg News back in 2006 when Crash beat Brokeback Mountain and I had lots to say about it’s effects on the industry. The article came out and they quoted me as saying, “I would definitely call this an upset”. That’s it. How throwing that amazing nugget of wisdom added anything to their article I’ll never know.

But anyway, my Mom likes seeing my name in print and it makes me look somewhat important. Here are the links.

Forbes Magazine
Los Angeles Times

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