The Swell Season

On Saturday night, Tara and I got the chance to head to the Wiltern in order to see a concert by The Swell Season. If you don’t know, The Swell Season is the name of the album put out by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in 2006. Glen and Marketa are better known as the couple from the movie Once. I saw and reviewed the movie back in June and you can reread my thoughts on it here.

The concert was pretty fantastic. Can’t speak for opener Martha Wainwright because we only got there in time for her last two songs (but based on those I’d call her pretty awful), but a show I was worried would be boring and pretty monotonous was a lot of fun and sporadically energetic. Mainly due to Hansard’s gift for gab and rugged charm, but also to a lively set of covers and familiar favorites from the album (not to mention two encores). It’s only the beginning of their tour so if you happen to live in a city that they pass through be sure to check them out.

Myspace page and tour dates

Also be sure to read Tara’s review of the evening at Filter magazine, which is the reason we got the free tickets in the first place. You’ll recognize the photos on the article as being by yours truly, albeit uncredited.

Filter Review

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