North American Union

Yesterday was an interesting day. I got up at 5:30am to go over to Sean’s house and watch the United States play South Africa in a friendly. It was a pretty boring game and didn’t really make getting up that early pay off but I got to see Sean and Tarah’s new house, which is pretty dope and a steal for what they pay for it.

Then at 10:00am we had a private screening of Luke and Brie at the Crest Theater. Basically I just watched the movie on the big screen with Tara Everhart, Matt Goldberg, Matt Boese, Andy Reed, Sean McElwee and Charlie Dugan to get an idea of how our sound mix is working. Hearing something on headphones or computer speakers is a whole different ballgame from hearing it in a theater and we definitely learned that yesterday. The background music is a little too loud across the board and some general work still needs to be done. As Charlie says, we just need someone to mix it. And as lovely as it would be to have someone donate their time and expertise to just go through and mix it, I’m not counting on it. The good news is the movie plays well in that environment and I honestly think we’re close to the finish line. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see it in the theater a number of times over the next year or so.

On the way out of the theater we were confronted by some sort of protest. People were apparently marching against the idea of a North American Union, or the US joining up with Mexico and Canada to make an all new country or something. I was not aware that this was an actual proposition but these people felt very strongly against it. At first I was too, because then we wouldn’t have the amazing Mexico vs. US soccer rivalry that we have now. But that was not the reasoning of the protesters. They were just racists. I know this because they shouted at any Latino people passing by to “Leave! Leave!”. Check out the pictures.

They apparently don’t think Bush is doing a good enough job of keeping illegal immigrants out of the country so he has got to go. Does anybody think Bush should stay at this point?

Finally, check out this article in Short End magazine with Keegan DeWitt. It’s about his score for Quiet City and his overall process when it comes to writing music for film. He throws a little shout out to me and Luke and Brie which was nice and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post a couple of tracks he wrote for the film. If you read the article, you’ll see that he writes a bunch of music and if it fits you use it, if not no sweat. Unfortunately, these two pieces didn’t fit, but are still great to listen to and deserve to be heard.

The article is here

Her Song

Oh My Little Heart

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  1. I just spent three weeks in a Montreal looney bin for my political views on the subject of Canadian sovereignty and North American Union. Visit my blog: CRAZY FOR CANADA.

    Kathleen Moore, Montreal, Canada
    Main web site – reason I was locked up :

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