Allamacani Junior High Holiday Dance

On Saturday night, Tara and I went to ArtShare LA in downtown for an event called the 2nd Annual Allamacani Junior High Holiday Dance. It was some sort of fundraiser/party where the theme was a middle school dance and so you had to dress appropriately. That meant lots of flourescent colors and leg warmers for the girls and lots of skinny ties and sweater vests for the gents. Nothing that wouldn’t pass for hipster cool today of course. There was spiked punch, a DJ with a mullet, a makeout room and a slow-dance room. It was pretty fun but I couldn’t for the life of me get Aaron Katz to come to it. Too busy playing dominos for the seventh or eighth consecutive night. All in all, it was pretty fun although we had to leave a little early since I had work on Sunday. Here are some pics.

Tara and Meg getting ready

Gretchen Darnley

Lydia Hyslop’s knockers

George Ducker

Lydia and Eric Wareheim

Dance Dance Revolution

Lydia gets a solo

My date and I

Just some sluts

Official Myspace
Cabaret Voltaire
Los Angeles Dodgeball Society

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2 Responses to Allamacani Junior High Holiday Dance

  1. marc says:

    I take it you couldn’t get Katz to go down the church carnival slide, either. what a bum!

  2. Sarah B says:

    Hey! I was taking photos of this event as well. Here is the link to my photos if you want to take a look:

    Allamacani Jr High Dance 025

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