It’s been a busy two weeks with Aaron Katz visiting for a while and then Keegan DeWitt stopping by for the weekend and it was great seeing them both. Keegan will be back soon I have a feeling since he’s an LA boy at heart. Katz will be back too, in February for the Spirit Awards. Quick note about Friday evening though, as Keegan, Sean, Tarah and I ventured out to Sun Valley for a party celebrating the departure of Tyler Jackson to wherever he went off to. I missed his arrival party two weeks ago and even though I don’t think you could ever have called us friends, I like the guy and think we probably should be friends someday.

The party was at Morgan Jenkins and Ashley Carpenter’s place and it’s really impressive. Big house, huge backyard, and a real home vibe to it. Lots of familiar faces there from NCSA and some that I don’t see very often. I wonder if Neil Moore knows who the hell I am. In any case, it was fun and there was lots of booze and I hope Tyler makes it back sometime soon. Cheers.

Man of the hour

Keegan “I’m freezing in this 55 degree weather” DeWitt

Sean and Tarah.

Smokey Cloud, the dirtiest man alive. (Seriously)

Bonus! As Tyler was quick to point out in a snarky myspace comment long ago, he made a better airplane movie than me in film school. Entirely possible. Why don’t you be the judge if you have 18 minutes to spare and amazing patience for terrible student work.

Landing Gears by Tyler Jackson
Elliot Flies by Chad Hartigan (be gentle)

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One Response to TJ

  1. TJ! says:


    I love this post… and in all fairness to Elliot Flies, that Landing Gears is only a 6-minute cut, so perhaps the 21-minute beast would be far less watchable than EF.

    At any rate, thanks for coming to the party – it was great to see you! Who knew that Brendan McFadden would be the only 600 Wester that I would miss on this epic journey of mine.

    For the record, I’m in San Fran right now, soon to be at an ashram to clear all the toxins from my head and body, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and the mountains of BC in time for Christmas.

    Thanks for directing traffic to my website! I’ll get you back, some day.

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