Benten Films has gone and released the information surrounding their next DVD title and it is none other than Quiet City & Dance Party USA: 2 Films by Aaron Katz. Not to be dismissed as a worthless two-pack a la The Nutty Professor and Vampire in Brooklyn grouped together for $10 in a Wal-Mart bin, the Benten guys have taken great care in crafting the DVD’s for these films and they will be well worth however many pennies they cost. The Independent Spirit Award nominated Quiet City will be accompanied by two commentary tracks featuring Aaron Katz, Brendan McFadden, Ben Stambler, Erin Fisher, Chris Lankenau and Andrew Reed. You can also get a glimpse at Keegan DeWitt’s scoring process and a look at the Q@A administered at the New York premiere back in August.

Dance Party USA comes with even more commentaries featuring Aaron Katz, Brendan McFadden, Marc Ripper, Anna Kavan, Ryan White and Zach Clark. You can also catch deleted and extended scenes featuring more of a drunk Brendan in maybe the best scene of 2006. Finally, there’s a short film Aaron made in high school called “The Lunch Hour” and starring Keegan DeWitt, which is a gem.

The DVD goes on sale on January 29 but you can already pre-order on Amazon, Deepdiscount or wherever you like to buy stuff from. These are great movies in great packaging and a great opportunity for you to support some great (and broke) artists. Make it happen. January 29. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Benten Films

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