Alarming Trends in Hollywood

My day job requires keeping tabs on the industry and all aspects of it, which brought me to the following alarming conclusion. Hollywood has no idea how to make women funny. It may be an obvious statement but they seem to have found a dubious substitute for wit and charm. Setting aside my views on Knocked Up, which can be read in my review, and how it paints women as not only unfunny but not even aware of when someone may be making a joke or not, I have compiled some evidence that paints a pretty dire picture. The trailers below are for three major romantic comedies either recently released or coming soon and all of them share one thing in common. They assume the only way a woman can be funny is by having absolutely no motor skills. Maybe it’s because Hollywood likes to imagine that women are so bowled over by our beautiful masculinity that they have no choice but to spill mustard all over themselves or knock over ice buckets or bump into poles, etc. Whatever the case may be, the most alarming fact of all is that in each of these trailers, when the woman loses her dexterity it covers the exact beat where the man starts to fall for her. Why else would a man fall for a woman after all? In any case, check out the clips below and see for yourself.

Good Luck Chuck

The Heartbreak Kid

Over Her Dead Body

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