Heath Ledger

I never get upset over celebrity deaths. Only once before today can I remember being effected in the slightest by losing the talents of an actor and that was John Candy in 1994. But I honestly believe two things about Heath Ledger. One, he was a tremendously gifted actor. And two, he was just getting started. Batman Begins was a huge snooze to me but I have been counting down the days until The Dark Knight opens and that was for Ledger alone. I thought he and Michelle Williams were a great couple with an adorable baby and now it’s so sad to think of her loss.

I still can’t quite wrap my brain around it. I really can’t.

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17 Responses to Heath Ledger

  1. Citra says:

    it was shock me when i watching the news in TV about Heath Ledger. I didn’t believe it until now, a talented actor was already go back to our god in the heaven… but he always be my best actor ever.
    Good bey my actor . . .

  2. morgan says:

    i f*ucking LOVED heath ledger. he basically rocked my world.

  3. Candyce says:

    I felt silly grieving as much as I did. I just felt b/c I’m just a girl sitting in Ohio that doesn’t personally know him that I didn’t deserve to feel the way that I did. I had a hard time sleeping for several days after. I thought well maybe if I close my eyes I won’t wake up. It was such a tragedy to loose Heath Ledger. I have prayed and will continue to pray for his sweet daughter Matilda and for the mother of his child as well as his family. It just seems unreal.

  4. sarah says:

    guna miss him ..was my favourite actor.
    n hot too rip xxx

  5. pam says:

    o mio dio!!!sono scioccata!l’ho amato in “destino di un cavaliere”!…..senza parole!!!it’unbelivable!

  6. amy says:

    he was the best!! loved him n willa lways remember him

  7. cindy says:

    i also dont get impacted by celebrity deaths, but Heath Ledger was one of my favs. He was soo different, and he always did good in any role he played. Its a great loss. He was truly great.

    i miss him.

  8. angie says:

    RIP Beautifull heath so talented what a loss im so gutted i cant say anymore angie wm

  9. phoebe says:

    yeah i thought he was just such a great person inside out he didnt deserve such an abrupt death but such as life eh. its funny with me too i never get upset over celebrity deaths but this one really cut me up it was probably just because he was so young. V. sad. my heart goes out to his family and his cute little two-year-old.

    x0x0 feebz

  10. sara apostolakis says:

    my friend txt me about it and i didnt believe it so i searched through all the 24hr news channels to try and find something as it was so late at night when i found out and there it was! i felt so silly feeling as sad and shocked as i did, because i felt like he was someone i knew! its so weird, i couldnt explain it! i was so messed up about it as he felt like someone you could relate to which made you feel close. its a massive shock, i still havent got my head round it. hope ur in a better place heath! love sara xxx

  11. a. sportato says:

    my friend also texted me the news. and i thought it was a joke so i called my older sister and told her to check it out. she told me it was true and i almost cried. i felt like such a goof but he was an amazing actor and will definenty be missed

  12. maria says:

    It’s very sad. I pray for him, I think he felt very lonely, God have mercy .

  13. tmccall says:

    I think alot of people were touched by death of Heath Ledger. Totally shell shocked is the right analogy. Still cannot fathom it. You saw him movies, in interviews and some how he was someone you could totally relate to. He seemed to be so reachable unlike alot of other stars. I am saddened by his death and will think him aoub thim, Michele and their baby forever.

  14. Rickprn says:

    Heath Ledger’s life cut short at such an early age is truly a loss of unknown magnitude. He was already becoming a great actor. It is remarkably sad that we will not know his full potential. The other thing that strikes me about Heath is his way of seeing the world around him and how he dealt with the world. I liked his relative low key presence and the way he conducted himself in the public and private. He was a gift to the world, however brief his time with us.

  15. Ana Rose says:

    Gone before your time, may you rest in peace, beautiful Heath.

  16. pam says:

    ora voli via angelo senza tempo
    tu che il tempo non lo conterai più
    il tuo sorriso non lo rivedremo
    se non nei nostri preziosi ricordi
    già ci manchi
    ora che ci hai dato un motivo per far sentire la tua mancanza.
    sei volato via angelo dei nostri pensieri
    ma ora sei consapevole che ti penseremo sempre

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