Yes We Can

Another voting day and another plea on behalf of Barack Obama. For anyone out there who lives in a state still to come on the campaign and in need of a slight nudge in the direction of either candidate to make up their minds, I’ll offer up this. Both of my parents are conservative Christians. They were missionaries for years and my father was a preacher employed by Pat Robertson for over 20 years. He’s also an Irish immigrant and this is his first time being eligible to vote. When I talked to him he said he would likely vote for Obama. My mother has always been socially and economically liberal but morally conservative and has voted Republican for at least the last 20 years. She has also said she would lean towards Obama. My older brother is another first time voter, never inclined before to register because he didn’t care one way or another, thinking all candidates were more or less the same. When I talked to him he said he was gonna vote for Obama. That’s three votes from unlikely sources that share one additional thing in common. None of the three would vote for Hillary Clinton in the regular election. They actively dislike her and would either stay home or vote for the other candidate.

Please don’t underestimate Obama’s appeal to independents and Republicans who may not be voting in these primaries. If you are looking for a candidate who can unite a majority of Americans and win the general election in November, I think it’s an easier choice. And I usually wouldn’t like these sorts of things, but the video below snuck up on me. Check it out.

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