Luke and Brie Are Stuck in Purgatory

So it’s about time for another update on Luke and Brie Are on a First Date. It was right around this week last year that I decided to make the movie and asked Matt and Sean if they’d like to help. I sent this e-mail to George on February 22, 2007.

hey george,
my name is chad and i think we actually met about a year ago at some
party through josh locy. not sure though. in any case, i’m in the
beginning stages of making a film and i asked josh if he knew of
anybody that might be what i’m looking for. which is someone to star
in the movie but not necessarily an actor. in brief terms, the movie
from beginning to end is a first date and is largely based on an
experience i had. it’s small, it’s kind of nothing, but i think it
could be great.

any interest in getting together and talking a bit more about it? i
don’t really know your schedule or what you do but i’m usually free on
fridays, saturdays and sundays. if it doesn’t sound like your bag, no
sweat just let me know.


So now, one year later the film is kind of stuck in a purgatory. Dugan and I finished editing the picture months ago and we sent a rough copy with no sound work to Sundance. I started working on the sound mix myself and did about as best I could given the shitty situation we found ourselves in (if you don’t know or remember, 30 pages worth of scenes shot had unusable production sound). The idea was to get it in a place that was watchable and then hope a friend of ours who was well-versed in sound mixing could run a polish over it. We sent this rough mixed version to four festivals including South by Southwest, Florida and Tribeca.

A friend named Josh Chase did a quick sweep of the troubled sound but didn’t really have the time to devote to making it really work. So we waited some more. Production mixer Matt Boese (who was not at fault for the shitty production track) went through and polished the tracks a little bit and we held a screening at the Crest Theatre to hear what had been done on the big screen. While it sounded passable, it was still kind of all over the place and Dugan succinctly said that we “just needed somebody to go through and mix it”. But with that person still not stepping forward I continued to mix it myself as best I could. We got a rejection letter from Sundance.

Time started to slip by so I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a Sound person to come forward and help. I got a lot of responses and thought that the one from Zach Ross sounded best. He was just graduating and working on an internship with a major sound company and was willing to sink his teeth into something real for next to nothing. I gave him the movie to watch and assess and he said he could polish the whole thing over for $100 and a couple of weeks. I gave him the files he needed and $50 of the $100 and haven’t heard from him since. Zach, if you are reading this, thanks for nothing pal. Send me an e-mail or something.

So this whole route was getting us nowhere fast. In the meantime, we got rejection letters from South by Southwest and Florida. Now, I actually think the movie is great and better than these rejections give us credit for but I am still uncomfortable with this one scene. It’s a major scene and pretty much takes up the entire first 15 minutes of the movie and it’s the one scene with unbearable sound. After that, the movie is 100% what I wanted it to be so if other people don’t like it and don’t want to program it, I can accept that. But as it stands I can’t help but think if we could just get that scene right then maybe it’ll stand a better chance. So, I decided to recut it from scratch and cutting it with an emphasis on minimizing the sound problems. So now that’s done and I think the scene moves along a lot better but we now have to go back to square one with polishing up the sound. It shouldn’t be as hard or as disastrous as the last attempt, which was all over the map, because know we have consistency and we have an idea of what to avoid. Matt Boese is back on the case and should hopefully have something to show by the end of the week. We still haven’t heard from Tribeca or the other three festivals that got the previous version but I’ve decided to stop submitting until we can get this right.

And that’s where we’re at. Hopefully this saga can come to a reasonable end and someday you can see this movie. But we’re not giving up on it.

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