Starlight Mints/Har Mar Superstar

This past weekend was one of the most social I’ve had in a while, since most of my time has been spent moving or fixing up our new place. Saturday night was the premiere and party for Anne Walls’s latest short film Starlight Mints. Anne was the script supervisor on Luke and Brie and I went and saw her previous short No Pink at the Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival a while ago. Actually, I only saw the last two minutes of it because I was late so all the more reason to attend this premiere with bells and tassles on. The familiar faces from the Luke and Brie crowd where there and it was nice to hang out with them. Even nicer was the open bar.

Anne put a lot of work into the flick and hopefully it will be playing at film festivals around the country so you can see it. Keep your eyes peeled!

Andy Reed

John Singleton. Different one.

Charlie Dugan. A shady character.

Greg Lang, star of the film and gay icon.

George Ducker with Anne Walls, the lady of the hour. Neither of them are going to like this picture.

Josh Locy, who recently spent two months in Europe and has perfected his impression of a filthy European.


Enraptured audience.

Then on Sunday night, Lydia Hyslop invited me to check out a Har Mar Superstar concert. She’s been friends with Har Mar for a while and I had heard about his live shows but never seen one so I decided to make the 5 minute walk down to Spaceland and check it out. First off, the opening act was a band called Totally Radd! who wore faux-armor and helmets while the lead singer banged away on a keytar. If that sounds awful, it actually wasn’t. They won me over with their heavy-metal inspired pop-rock hooks and I am now a fan. Second act, Electrocute was a snooze and Lydia and I went to the back room to hang out and chat instead of watching them. When Har Mar finally took the stage, two hours after I said I would leave to get to bed early for work, it was worth the hype. If you ever want to see a short, fat, bald man singing dance/r&b in his tighty whiteys then you are a Har Mar Superstar fan and you just don’t know it. He’s kind of a genius. Thanks Lyds!

Behind the head keytar solo, people.

Totally Radd!

Taking a short break from dancing like a maniac.


Superstar minus vest.

Notice how much more the chicks in the audience are into it.

Now we’re getting down to business.

Drew Barrymore was right next to me during this shot.

And that’s the money shot.

My date for the evening.

This weekend promises to be even more exciting as I’ll be attending the Spirit Awards with the guys and then hosting an Oscar Viewing/Housewarming party on Sunday with Tara. Go Quiet City, go!

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