On Saturday, Matt Boese came up to my house to do what we hoped would be the last remaining sound work on Luke and Brie Are on a First Date. I can’t tell you how ready I am for that movie to be finished and out of my hands. It’s a bit of a hike from Orange County, where he lives, but Matt is a cool dude and so he came anyway. We worked on the movie for about three hours but it was becoming increasingly frustrating since we were attempting to work on his macbook and it just didn’t have the power to handle Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack. Sensing the finish line was in reach, we called it a night and agreed to meet up again on Sunday, only I would come to Orange County so we could work on his more powerful desktop.

Sunday comes and Matt calls saying we might have a problem. His computer isn’t recognizing the hard drive when he plugs it in anymore. He drives back up to L.A. and we test the drive on my computer too. Nothing. It’s not even spinning or starting up when you plug it in to the wall. According to the internet, this means the drive is either dead or the power cable is worthless. Well, we tried two differnet power cables so I guess it means the drive is dead. I called Dugan in a panic to see if he had already deleted the movie off of his hard drive and he said he had. I called Goldberg, still in a panic, and asked him if anybody at his office could perform an autopsy and possibly salvage the files. He said he might and so the drive is at Herzog-Cowen right now and who knows what’s gonna happen.

All of the capture scratch and data is on one other drive, which Marc Ripper used to color correct the movie three months ago, but there had been some pretty significant changes done since then, especially with the sound. Worse case scenario, we are back at that point and morale goes out the window. Best case scenario, the drive is salvaged and Matt and I are mere days away from making a final dub.

Cross your fingers. I don’t know how many more post-production nightmares I can take.

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