You Can Call Me Al

This post is not referring to the brief period in high school when I worked at a movie theatre and went by the name of Al, a temporary lapse of judgement that led to my first car having the personalized license plate MOVIESAL. No, this is in reference to the great song by Paul Simon, off of his “Graceland” album in 1986. I listened to it on the way to work this morning and some long-forgotten memories from childhood came soaring back to me. I vividly remember watching this music video when I was six or seven and loving it. After all, I was a huge fan of Three Amigos! and so by default, a huge fan of Chevy Chase. I also remember trying to wrap my brain around how the video was done. I knew who Chevy Chase was and so I could deduce who Paul Simon was. I knew Paul Simon sang the song so how did he appear on screen without moving his lips. I figured that anytime he was offscreen, he could sing into a mic and Chevy could lipsynch. But I just couldn’t grasp how they did the rest.

The point is, at six or seven years old, watching a Paul Simon video on TV, I was already thinking about the process behind the medium. Nerdy? Definitely. Here’s the clip

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