The Howlies


Recently I was hired by Overunder Records to film their first signing The Howlies as they recorded a debut album in the studio. At least, that’s what I thought. I drove out to Loma Linda, which is 70 miles outside of L.A. and kind of a wasteland but not without some good views and some charm. This is where the producer of the record has his studio and lives and his name is Kim Fowley. He’s like 75 years old, but full of energy and maybe a mad genius. I met up with my buddy John Gaviglio, co-founder of Overunder and was told that really we would just be shooting the band fucking around, playing some songs and giving quick biographical soundbytes to all be cut together for youtube later.  Easy enough.

We may film some more stuff here in Hollywood on Friday and then the guys take the stage at the Echo on saturday night. If you’re around, definitely come check it out. They’re playing with The Ruby Suns and Le Loup so it’ll be a good show. Check out the band’s myspace while you’re at it and I’ll be sure to post the final videos when they’re done.

Howlies Myspace

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