Welcome to Howliewood

It was an all-Howlies weekend as I spent all day Friday with the band causing havoc at Hollywood and Highland and then the Santa Monica Pier. The guys tried to race the Flash and stage a fight with Michael Myers but the street performers were not having it. Batman was nice though. Tara came along and got to hang out with John Gaviglio, who was one of her co-workers and best buds in New York so it was a good crowd. Traveling all over the city is exhausting though and we had plans to go bowling with Goldberg and Sean but they fell through when we came home at six and fell the fuck asleep. We did wake up in enough time to meet the band and Gaviglio down at Bar 107 for a nightcap.

Then, Saturday night was the big show. I got to the Echo after Princeton, the first act, had already played so I don’t know anything about him. The Ruby Suns were the band I was most excited to see anyway since I really like their “Sea Lion” album. Maybe I was in a weird mood but their live show did not do it for me. The drum machine was weak and the vocals weren’t meshing as well as they do on the record and every song just generally lacked the oomph of the studio version. Very disappointing although I still like the songs. Le Loup were next and I had heard a bunch about them from Keegan and various post-SXSW wrap-ups so I was stoked to see what the fuss was about. They played some pretty serious indie-pop-rock and at various times busted out instruments as varied as a tuba and a banjo, but again, I just wasn’t really in the mood. Normally I would eat up hipster shit like this (see my moustache below) but I spent most of their set talking with John at the bar or Fernando, Meg and Lydia outside. The three of them came after I put out word that I could get some free tickets so much props to those guys.

Finally, Howlies took the stage at midnight to about a third of the crowd that had just watched Le Loup. Those who stayed got a treat though as the band thoroughly nailed their set. They basically played their album from start to finish and since I hadn’t really ever heard their songs, save for an acoustic version of one or two, it was all new to me. They were a real breath of fresh air from the previous three hours and sounded a bit to me like “Maladroit”-era Weezer. Most people might think that’s an insult but I actually like that record a lot and it shares a similar pension for shredding guitars and four part harmonies.

Good job Aaron, Matt, Justin and Brandon. Hope to see you guys back in LA soon. After that, I went downstairs to the Echoplex to get my dance on with Lydia, Fernando and Meg. We were fucking machines down there. Pictures!

This chick from The Ruby Suns was wearing a one piece sweatsuit and played the flute.

These are the other two people in The Ruby Suns.

I’m not sure if this guy from Le Loup is actually a boy scout.

I am pretty sure that the guy behind him is in Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Lydia’s boobs.

Meg stole that beer.

Fernando “Dirty” Sanchez.



Howlies rocking so fast I couldn’t capture it on camera.

There you have it. The band is back in Georgia and working on finishing that debut album while I am catching up on some sleep.


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