Just Visiting

My older brother Jordan and his girlfriend Christy visited for the weekend and it was the first time since I moved to California four years ago that someone in my family came to check it out. I hardly ever see anyone from my family outside of Christmas, although I did manage to spend a day or two with Jordan in D.C. last April when I was breezing through town on The Tripper Tour. Anyway, he hadn’t been to Los Angeles since the whole family came to DisneyLand twenty years ago or more. Check out this amazing photo from that visit of me and him.

They got in late Thursday night and came straight home.  They had no agenda other than to shop on Rodeo Dr. and to see a celebrity. Friday morning we got up and went to Cafe 101 for brunch. I’ve seen some famous folk there and thought we might get lucky. No dice, although my eggs were quite good. Then we took the long, scenic drive to Malibu through the mountains. Tara and I got into the freezing cold water but Jordan and Christy chickened out. Their one and only chance to take a dip in the Pacific, and they blew it. We walked up and down the coast and I took a bunch of pictures. The only pictures of the visit, which I’ll post below. Then we drove down the PCH to Santa Monica and checked out the Promenade and the Pier. Good, touristy stuff. We headed home around rush hour so since there was gonna be traffic no matter which way we took, I decided to take Sunset Blvd. all the way home so they could see those sights. We stopped and had dinner at the Saddle Ranch where we got our celebrity sighting. Lance Bass was there eating with Michael from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. Start the rumor mill now people. Disappointingly, Christy did not ride the bull.

That night we went to a swanky party at The Stone Rose. It was invitation only and Jordan and I were clearly underdressed but we got in because Tara was meeting all her co-workers there and we were on the list. It was not a place I would normally go but now they can say they’ve been to a velvet rope LA party. Saturday was shopping day and we started by getting amazing schwarmas at Zankou Chicken and checking out Hollywood and Highland. The Times Square of LA. Basically it’s just some stars on the ground, some footprints in cement and a bunch of clowns dressed up as fictional characters. Didn’t stay too long. On Rodeo Dr. we had our second celebrity sighting; Morrissey. Unfortunately, neither Jordan or Christy knew who he was and we just window shopped. Transactions were actually made when we shifted over to Melrose for some vintage clothes. Even I bought a thermal hoodie, which I had wanted since seeing Tara’s co-worker Jimmy in a great one the night before.

Jordan’s friend Vert came into town that night and we went to Costa Allegre for dinner, my favorite Mexican place, and then to The Shortstop for beers. Jordan wanted to see some of the places I regularly go to, so that was that. Sunday morning they dipped out. All in all a good visit and now my Mom is next, some time in July.


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2 Responses to Just Visiting

  1. Marc says:

    I want to see a picture of you and your mom having beers at the shortstop.

  2. brendan says:

    i’d settle for one of the two.

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