As Luke and Brie Are on a First Date enters its 10th long month of post-production where things are moving slower than you can possibly imagine, I can happily report that the final sound mix is in progress and the finish line is within sight. To that end, I wanted to post a final list of all the music being used in the film. It’s essentially wall to wall in this puppy and I have to thank all the bands and artists that are letting us use their stuff. Here’s the list and you can click on the band names to go to their myspace pages or you can click on the Keegan tracks to download his score.

1. I Fucked Your Dad – Bear vs. Shark
2. Let’s Move Mountains – So Many Dynamos
3. I’m Not Bald – Keegan DeWitt

4. Love House Spy – Mike Federali
5. Surprise Hidden Bonus Track – Keegan DeWitt

6. Come Celia – Keegan DeWitt & The Sparrows
7. Another Summer – Roman Candle
8. Photo Booth – Ola Podrida
9. Sookie – Roman Candle
10. The War – Rand and Holland
11. Here Comes the Flood – Call it Arson
12. A Moment of Inspiration – Keegan DeWitt

13. I Didn’t Mind it at All – Roman Candle
14. Rubbing Two Sticks Together – Keegan DeWitt

15. Let’s Go – Brother Reade
16. Lightheaded Anthem – Lightheaded
17. Burning Bush – Panacea
18. Black Nostaljack (Come On) – Camp Lo
19. Detroit District (Pts. I & II) – Zo!
20. Look Alive – Specifics
21. Gon’ Bounce – Nikkole
22. In the Morning Light – Seamonster

Also, these two tracks have been used in trailers and are synonymous with the movie for me.

Sketch Two – Keegan DeWitt

Callie’s Dance – Seamonster

Get them all on iTunes and support these generous bands. And stay tuned for news on a special Los Angeles screening and film festivals…

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One Response to Soundtrack

  1. Dugan says:

    Gon’ Bounce! Am I gonna recognize this movie at all or what?

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