The Los Angeles Film Festival is banging away in Westwood and I’ve had a great time so far. Man on Wire and Medicine for Melancholy can already be added to my favorite films and a couple others I’ve seen are worth checking out as well. Best of all, I’ll be able to come through this week having a few new filmmakers that I admire to call as friends. Last night was particularly enjoyable as I saw The Pleasure of Being Robbed with Brendan McFadden and Lauren Morelli before heading to the Sunset Marquette for an IFC party. Josh Locy met us there, as did Andy Reed and Matt Dillmore, who I hadn’t seen in ages but blogged about here. On a usual night like this, I would have spent most of the evening talking to these folks I came with and already knew, but I was able to shake free and mingle. Cut to an hour later and I’m taking part in some sort of indie filmmaker mass spoon organized by Barry Jenkins. Somewhere, there’s a couple of embarrassing pictures of that.

The nicest surprise was talking to some other festival programmers who had heard good things about Luke and Brie Are on a First Date and were excited to check it out. That kind of talk makes me a little nervous but definitely grateful at the same time. I have some DVD’s right in front of me that I’ll be handing out to a couple of people whose opinions I am very interested in gathering. After that party I headed to the Echo to meet up with George Ducker and continue partying with the Pleasure of Being Robbed crew. I didn’t know the band (Hecuba) but they turned out to be pretty interesting. Natalie Portman and Devendra Banhardt were there so perhaps there’s some connection between him and the band but if there is, it wasn’t evident in the actual music. My old bud from The Tripper Tour, Alex Arciniega was there and it took roughly ten seconds of catching up to revert to war stories about that god damn bus. Best time of my life. Worst time of hers.

But back on Luke and Brie, I had also met with Lydia Hyslop earlier in the week about organizing a fundraising party so we can celebrate the movie being done and also get a couple hundred bucks to spend on submitting to festivals. If all goes well, that’ll be sometime in July and YOU are invited.

I haven’t brought my camera to any events so far but I’ll try and snap some pictures as the fest winds down. Somebody (possibly Karina Longworth) got the picture above of Brendan, Barry, Ryan Werner and Michael Lerman so that’ll have to do for the moment. Tomorrow night I’m seeing You, the Living for sure and possibly something else but tonight is reserved for Tara, who gets back from her New York vacation and I have a surprise waiting for her.

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One Response to Festival

  1. Matt J says:

    Fantastic to hear that Luke & Brie has already infiltrated the festival programmers’ consciousness haha… I’ve been so anxious to see Medicine too. I saw Barry’s shorts and they were incredible.

    Keep me posted on Luke & Brie!

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