Andrew Reed spent his last day in Los Angeles on Thursday and he had a picnic/barbeque to celebrate. Apparently fed up with living a cozy, awesome existence, Reed has decided to walk the earth for a while, starting in North Carolina. Surprise guest Johnathan Foster flew out here to accompany him on the drive back East and who knows what the future will hold for our red-headed, award winning, cinematographer friend. I do know that the barbeque was fun and I’ll always regret not getting a greeting from Reed as I walked into Borders.

Here are a few pictures from Thursday along with an inspired piece of photoshop from Alan Van Dyke at the bottom.

The one and only Jonathan Foster

One of many Brendan McFaddens

Reed catches footballs like Greg Louganis

The highlight

Alan Van Dyke and Sara Stevens

Peace out playa

And this is unrelated, but worth posting since it’s kind of repulsive and possibly inspired a music video I’d like to make.

We’ll see. . .

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One Response to Reed

  1. Dugan says:

    Locy. Impressive.

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