Birthdays and Visits

Today is Tara’s 27th birthday and I can’t express on this blog how happy I am that I’ve been able to spend the past two years with her. Hopefully, there will be many more and she has a wonderful day and a prosperous year. I’ve heard from many people that 27 is a great year but I wouldn’t know because I’m still a fresh-faced babe of 25.

Elsewhere, my Mom visited over the fourth and it was her first time in L.A. for probably twenty years or more. We went shopping and to the beach and drove around town and it was a good time. Now, only my Dad and younger brother need to visit to see what my life is all about out here. Our friend Monica is staying with us right now while she interviews for some jobs and with Brendan out here for the summer and Aaron visiting a few weeks ago, it’s been a busy time for our couch. But we like the company so if you’re planning a Southern California visit, give us a ring. Here are some pictures of my mom, Tara and I in Santa Monica.

I did not win a giant stuffed animal on the rope climb for anyone who was wondering. Hope everyone had a good holiday and got to spend some time with their families.

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